It's almost like he never left! Reality star Luke Gulbranson will be back on our television screens next month on a brand new season of a Bravo network classic. The cool part? Luke is an Eveleth native.

For some background, the Minnesotan was born and raised in Eveleth and still spends quite a bit of time in Minnesota, splitting time between here and New York. A few years ago, he joined the cast of Summer House, which made him famous basically overnight.

The show is on Bravo and features a big group of friends who rents a house together in the Hamptons every summer and travel there to party on the weekends. Luke was a standout and always represented Minnesota in the best and most hilarious way.

Sadly, over the summer, he shared that he was not asked back for the show's next season. He didn't exactly give insight into why, stating at the time in a lengthy social media post that even he wasn't sure why they gave him the axe.

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All hope is not lost now, as the Iron Ranger has been announced as a cast member on the new season of Winter House, which is a spinoff of Summer House. The spinoff has the same premise as the original show, only it takes place in the winter in a snowy climate.

Luke was a part of the first season and was in his element, hence the snow and the cold. Now, he will officially be back for the second season, which he himself announced on his Instagram page.

The show will premiere on Thursday, October 13th on Bravo. Last season was packed full of drama, love triangles and hilarious moments. Luke is a great cast member because he is always kind and not super involved in the drama, but inserts himself just enough to be entertaining.

You may even recognize Luke from other projects, as he is an actor as well. He was recently on season one of the hit show The Flight Attendant and is a model. Rumor has it there is another show with the same premise as Summer House that filmed in Minnesota over the summer, which he may or may not be involved in.

I am glad he is back! It is fun to see a small town connection on the silver screen. Plus, if Winter House is a slam dunk again with the second season, he may be back on the original show. Fingers crossed.

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