Hockeyland is a documentary that was shot in recent years about hockey in Northern Minnesota. As the trailer says, Texas has their Friday Night Lights, and Minnesota has Hockeyland.

It's actual footage featuring several hockey players from rivals Eveleth and Hermantown. Eveleth has a rich history of producing some of the top hockey players in the world. Hermantown has become an emerging dynasty going to the state tournament each year.

The film features players from both teams and follows them as they try to "etch their name into local lore." The credits state that the film features Blake Biondi, Indio Dowd, Will Troutwine, and Elliot Van Orsdel. It's written and directed by Tommy Haines.

The West Theater in Denfeld also will be showing the film.

The film debuts in theaters locally on September 9. There are some showings that have filmmakers and cast members in person. The Hermantown Marcus Theater will have director Tommy Haines, Coach Andrews, and Blake Biondi at the 7:30 pm show.

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There are also screenings across the state with cast and filmmakers in attendance. The Eveleth / Virginia / Mountain Iron Marcus Theater will feature JT Haines, Jessica Van Orsdel, and Coach Torrel on Saturday, September 10 for the 7 pm show.

The film also features audio and play-by-play calls from the Northland Fan's broadcasting team Brian Prudhomme and Dave Cook. You'll see some familiar faces in the documentary that was shot just before the COVID shutdown.

You can get tickets and learn more about the film by visiting their website. Check out the trailer below and get your tickets in advance. It will be on streaming platforms Apple TV, and Amazon Prime on October 18.

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