According to City Pages the population of Minneapolis in the late 1950's was just over 500,000 people which was at it's peak, but through the early 60's the population began to decline. So a promotional video was put together to show off the beautiful sparkling lakes right in the heart of the city, the hustle and bustle of Hennepin Avenue, and of course the awesome skyline which back then consisted of Foshay Tower which still is standing today but dwarfed by the IDS Center and other buildings.

Stewart Van Cleve is the digital archivist at Augsburg University. Last year, he and his team with the help of donors shipped off their entire collection of historic recordings for digitization.  Van Cleve said the video clip was a complete surprise and was found in a canister marked SKIP DAY 1947. Nobody knows the origins of the promotional video which they are GUESSING was made around 1965 but, the soundtrack was written and arranged by Dick Wilson and Ray Charles (not the famous singer and pianist), but the duo behind the Minnesota Twins fight song "We're Gonna Win Twins."   For a groovy look back check out the video below.


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