Boating season is upon us and many people all over the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin are eager to get their boats in the water and enjoy being out on lakes and rivers after a very long winter, but we all know that anything can happen in a blink of an eye. One man from Minnesota found that out the hard way yesterday, as he and his son were on their boat in Lake Vermilion.

FOX21 reports that according to the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office the father's hat blew off his head and as he reached for it he bumped the boat's motor which made the boat to turn abruptly causing him to fall out of the boat.

In the process of falling out of the boat, he caught his hand on one of the tie-out cleats and severely injured his hand. The adult son who was on board as well was quick to cut the boat motor and was able to pull his father back on the boat. They were able to get the boat back to shore and called 911. Thankfully they were both wearing life jackets and the father was airlifted to a hospital in Duluth.

Thankfully his son was an adult who was strong enough to get his father back on the boat and was able to cut the engine. I could not even imagine what would have happened if his son was younger and would be stuck on the boat by himself with the motor running. Food for thought for all of us heading out on the water, something as innocent as your hat flying into the water almost cost this man his life. Stay safe out there this summer.

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