Bogi is a one year old Springer Spaniel who was out on a walk with his owner Julian Stanke on the Superior Hiking trail on Sunday when he got off his leash and took off. Stanke and his girlfriend spent hours looking for him and when they  finally found him he was out  of reach on a ledge 30 feet below them.

They had no idea how they would be bale to safely rescue Bogi so they turned to the Superior Hiking Trail Facebook page to ask for help.  As night fall fell they made the heartbreaking decision to head home for the night hoping Bogi would stay put and try to rescue him the next day.

Stanki said to WDIO:

The incredible amount of support and care and love from all of the people was just incredible. We had a lot of people offering to come help, offering to bring us gear, just sending well wishes to Bogi to us.

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When they returned to the spot on Monday morning they were greeted by Conservation Officer Mary Manning who had seen the information posted on Facebook and came with the equipment to scale down the cliff to rescue Bogi. Unbelievably even falling some 30 feet down a cliff all that happened to him was a small scratch on his elbow. Thankfully Manning was able to get Bogi to trust her to be able to grab him and bring him to safety.

I could not even imagine what Stanki and his girlfriend were going through to see their poor dog stranded so far away from them and feeling so helpless. The few times my dogs have gotten loose I was in a full blown panic and worried to death that I would not find them. Thankfully we have such great resources and professionals who are trained to help humans and animals alike who get caught up in harrowing situations. So happy to hear that Bodi was rescued and everyone is home safe.

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