One of Aaron Carter's family members is concerned about his well-being following his recent breakup with girlfriend Lina Valentina.

According to TMZ, someone related to the pop star called the police on Wednesday (August 8) and asked if they could visit his home in Lancaster, California to conduct a welfare check because she was worried about some comments he made last week, which is right around the time his relationship ended. She told authorities that she was concerned about the 31-year-old possibly taking his own life or hurting someone else, and feared he might be taking drugs and could overdose.

Though Carter wasn't home when the cops arrived, he agreed to meet with them and they determined he was okay.

Sources close to the singer told TMZ that his ex may have something to do with the phone call. She was still staying with him after the split, and when he kicked her out on Wednesday, she allegedly became enraged.

His attorney says Carter wants a smooth breakup, but has threatened legal action if she doesn't back off. Carter and Valentina began dating last fall.

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