Aaron Carter has been going through quite a rough patch the last couple of years, but he is back on the road touring right now, which is great and he is hyped. Aaron is the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter who had major success at a very young age in music and acting but his life has been very tumultuous in his adulthood.

He has been riddled with controversy over alleged drug use, alcohol issues, and mental health concerns as well. According to TMZ just last month his fans became concerned about him when he was live on Instagram because they thought he was doing drugs off camera. The police went to his residents to do a welfare check and did not find any drugs in his possession or detect any criminal activity.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Carter enrolled in an outpatient treatment program for the fifth time in September to regain custody of his 10-month-old son Prince who is under court-order care with his fiancee's mother. He claims this latest trip to rehab is not court-ordered he is doing it voluntarily in order get his son. He and his fiancée Melanie Martin lost custody of their son due to domestic violence and drug-use concerns.

It seems the former child star is well enough now to be going on tour and recently had a gig in Winona, Minnesota. This beautiful little sleepy town in Southeastern Minnesota lies on the Mississippi River on one side directly across from La Crosse Wisconsin and majestic bluffs on the other. I was fortunate enough to go to college there at Winona State University. The latest population poll of Winona is 25,964 as of (2021), so as you can see it is small.

But apparently not too small for Aaron Carter to do a concert. Now here is where some of the confusion comes in. Obviously, when any artists are on tour they need constant reminders of where they are going next and reminders of what cities they are currently in. But as you will see from the video below Aaron Carter has so much love for the Twin Cities that he has a giant medallion on his neck and was saying how much he loves the Twin Cities after he was promoting his show in Winona.

Now did he think he was performing in a suburb of the Twin Cities or something? Cause I hate to tell you Aaron but Winona is nowhere near the Twin Cities, it is 113 miles South. But I am sure once he got to The Black Horse Bar and Grill in Winona, he figured it out pretty quickly. Well, Aaron at least you got the state of Minnesota right.  Either way, our Mid-day host Lauren is bummed she did not hear about the show given the fact that she is still a huge Aaron Carter fan. Kind of like when A.J. McLean snuck into Duluth remember that one? Yeah, she was bummed she missed him too. Poor Lauren, just missing out on her childhood heroes.

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