Phase Three of the Lakewalk construction project is underway and parts of the shoreline in Canal Park are closed to the public. For the last month trucks have been hauling giant boulders that weigh between 6 and 12 tons and lined them up near the shoreline in Canal Park.

Some citizens have voice concerns about the boulders location and city construction project supervisor Michael LeBeau said at a news conference Wednesday, "No we’re not destroying the gravel beach, we’re just using it because it is an open space to get the stones in and close to the project."

LeBeau told the Duluth News Tribune " As part of the third phase of the Lakewalk restoration project, the stones are being temporarily stockpiled along the gravel beach before construction is expected to start this spring on the stretch between Endion Station Inn and the Lake Superior Marine Museum."

These tons of boulders will help reinforce the shoreline to protect the Lakewalk from future storms. The actual construction project is expected to start in May and go through the Fall. Access to the beach will be closed but pedestrians will be able to use the gravel horse carriage path next to the Lakewalk between both ends of Canal Park. Overall it is a minor inconvenience to ensure that that stretch of the Lakewalk will stay safe and intact for the future. For more on this story click here.

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