Don't give up on the purple and gold just yet! Remember when Floyd in Dumb & Dumber asked his dream girl what the chances the two of them would get together? And she said, "Not good, about one in a million?"


Absolutely. There is still a chance that the Minnesota Vikings who have done nothing but give up leads, make garbage touchdowns late in the game, and just generally suck this year could actually make it to the post season. As of today, according to FiveThirtyEight, that chance is at 4%. Ok, so that's still really not a chance at all, but statistically it's still a chance. They compile data and predict the rest of the season using a method that is way over my head. They also predict that the Vikings chances at winning a single post season game at less than 1%. That includes the Super Bowl, because that's the lowest number they'll give in a column.

These percentages are if the Vikings win a few more games like FiveThirtyEight expects them to. They have them finishing the season 5-11. That means we have to win 4 more games this year. Is that even possible? Did you see what happened last game? This next week the Vikings play the Green Bay Packers. It doesn't even feel like there is a big border battle game coming this week because we know it won't be much of a game. In fact, this same simulator predicts that the Vikings have a 27% chance of winning on Sunday. That leaves the Pack as the heavy favorites at 73%.

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The Packers also look better for the season. The same predictions put the packers at an 88% chance to make the playoffs, finishing the season at 11-5. They also put the Packers at 67% chance of winning the NFC North, and an overall 8% of winning the Super Bowl.

We'll see what happens Sunday, but it's hard not to join the tank train. There's something zen like about just letting it go and watching your favorite team break your heart early in the year and get it over with.

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