This last Saturday we went to the Superior Spooktakular Parade. It was really a fun time! Lost of people came out wearing their Halloween costumes and the kids were loving it. My daughter of course brought her bag to fill with candy that would be tossed out during the parade. I mean, that's the best part, right?

As parents, we get to vicariously live through our children at these parades and want to make sure they get the most candy. Apparently, we've done a job of raising respectful children because our kids aren't very aggressive when it comes to getting candy. Half the time they give their candy to the kid next to them. I'm proud of this, but I still get worked up that they aren't getting a good haul.

I'm embarrassed to say that I had a friend of mine tell me to calm down about the candy after I was yelling at both his kid and my daughter to turn around and face the parade and wave their arms so they are seen.

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As the parade went on, my wife actually observed that the kids on the other side of the street were getting more candy. I started paying attention and realized the kids are getting about double the amount of candy. Why is that?

Most people are right-handed, and that was the right-hand side of the street. It makes sense, doesn't it? People tend to favor their right side and throw right-handed. So when they are going to toss out candy, they naturally will go to the right side.

Sure, some people compensate for this and try to get the left side too, but I can tell you more candy throwers were on the right-hand side.

So, next parade we will have to be sure to be on the right-hand side for optimal candy collection. Follow me for more tips on important issues such as this.

Also, big shout out to Sterling Silver Dance Studio. They wrapped up the parade with a massive dance ensemble that stretched for blocks! Check out the video!

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