Our first major storm of the season and Bentleyville USA took the big hit. Now they need the public's help at 9:30 am December 24th.

On the Bentleyville Facebook page, they are pleading for help to clean up and maybe get it back to working order

They gave everyone the night off for safety reasons but then as the night unfolded you could see the damage that the Christmas Park had suffered. Like their page says, they are looking for anyone that can show up at 9:30 am December 24th to assist and get everything ready for guests.

This reminds me of the end of the movie ELF, hoping they can find people to have Christmas cheer in order to help Santa fly again. I'm not sure how many people will drive up on Christmas Eve to see the lights because of the ice and snow that was dropped on Duluth and southern Minnesota as well. It might make travel hard, but people will want to enjoy the last few days.

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Bentleyville USA just announced on their Facebook page a few days ago it was extending its days of operation to December 31st.

Bentleyville is open for 10 more nights! Open daily at 5 pm, including Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve! On our final night, we will be open until midnight to welcome 2021!

I don't know how many people it takes to help put up Bentleyville to get it running in the first place, but there will have to be close to that number of people. This storm has wreaked havoc, on the whole, drive through.

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