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Mom Claims Amazon's Alexa Has Ruined Daughter's Life

A Massachusetts mom claims that ever since Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa was released, it has affected her 6-year-old daughter so that she felt compelled to write a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

In the note the mother talks about the poor decision to give a device a human name and how it has resulted in her daughter, also named Alexa, being bullied and "treated like a servant." The mother requested that Bezos apologize and do something to remedy their experience. (via Vice)

Gayle King Gets Backlash Following Kobe Bryant Sexual Assault Question

The anchor for CBS This Morning experienced a wave of criticism from fans and celebrities alike for asking a question about the late Kobe Bryant's 2003 rape trial in an interview with Lisa Leslie, a longtime friend of Bryant's.

The line of questioning was addressed on social media by celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, who expressed that the family should be allowed to mourn without having to hear about the topic. (via PopCrush)

'The Bachelor' Bikini Butt Photoshop

Last week's episode of The Bachelor had bachelor Peter Weber and his girlfriends in Costa Rica doing a bathing suit photo shoot, but a problem arose when some of the women's bathing suits didn't seem to cover enough skin. The solution was apparently to Photoshop more material onto the scandalous suits — the only issue was that it was done by what appears to be an amateur. (via TMZ)

How To Plan the Perfect Valentine's Day Party

Being a good host takes time and planning. Some ways to plan a superb V-Day party include making sure your invitations are sassy, having lots of games and drinks ready for your guests, and adding some personal do-it-yourself touches! Find out more tips via Cosmopolitan.

Beyoncé Shocks Entire Room Upon Arrival

Because how else would you react? Watch below:

Celebs Who Deleted Social Media

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