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Ex-Amazon Employee Accuses Company of Firing Her Because of Her IBS

A former Amazon warehouse employee claims that she got fired from the job for taking too many bathroom breaks. The woman has filed a lawsuit, in which she includes a timeline of her employment. She states that she warned her employers that she has IBS and that she needed to use the bathroom about six times a day. However, she failed to bring a doctor's note and says that she couldn't get an appointment for the doctor by the time she was fired. She is seeking around $75,000 in damages. (via Business Insider)

Remote Work Is the Future

A recent survey found that three in four workers prefer a job that includes the option of working remotely. That said, 72 percent of people say that they wouldn't consider a job that does not offer the possibility of working from home, while 48 percent think that the ability to work remotely is their number one preferred workplace perk. It appears as though the pandemic has kept us in our tie and sweatpants combo. (via Study Finds)

Pumpkin Spice Face Coverings Are the Newest Fall Treat

If pumpkin spice candles, coffee and hand soaps aren't enough, you can now buy pumpkin spice face masks. To really immerse yourself in the fall spirit, pumpkin spice-scented face masks are being sold at Walmart and on Amazon. (via 92.9 NIN)

The Six Best College Courses To Take

No matter the major, experts recommend taking these college courses:

  • intro to programming/coding
  • marketing/branding
  • graphic design
  • intro to statistics
  • English
  • personal finance

(via New York Post)

What Is the Milk Crate Challenge?

A new silly challenge has been circulating TikTok and Twitter. The milk crate challenge consists of stacking milk crates into a pyramid and having a brave soul climb them like steps. The funny part about it is that it's almost impossible to climb to the top of the stack seamlessly. (via SBNATION)

Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughters Not Invited to His Wedding?

Dog the Bounty Hunter is getting married on Sept. 2nd Francie Frane. His two daughters, Cecily and Bonnie Chapman, told TMZ that they are not on the invite list. The sisters say they have no problem with Francie and that the issue is probably a personal one for Dog. Cecily thinks that she and Bonnie might remind Dog of their late mother, Beth, who passed away in 2019. She adds that they resemble Beth and live a similar lifestyle to her and this scares their father. Cecily says she tried to reach out to him but got no response. (via TMZ)

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