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Johnny Depp Allegedly Punched After Losing $750 Million 

Would you punch your fiancé if they lost $750 million? That’s allegedly what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp in 2016 after she learned that Depp had to pay millions in unpaid taxes. (via People

Adults Are the Most Tired They’ve Ever Been

Do you feel more tired than usual? You’re not alone. A new study conducted by OnePoll revealed that 60% of adults are more tired than they’ve ever been before due to working remotely and having their sleep schedules impacted. (via Study Finds

Juice Wrld’s New Album Could Be the Biggest Debut of 2020

Juice Wrld is living up to his newest album's title: Legends Never Die could be the largest stream of 2020, if the late artist is able to beat out The Weeknd and sell 440,000 units within the first week of the record's release. (via Forbes

Coca-Cola Debuts Contact-Free Machine

Say goodbye to the vending machine as you once knew it! The Coca-Cola company has released the Coca-Cola Freestyle, a new machine in which you hold up your camera to a smart panel and order your drink from your phone. (via USA Today

Russell Westbrook Urges Fans To Wear Their Masks

After testing positive for COVID-19, Russell Westbrook is telling his fans to mask up! Watch below:

Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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