Attention all singing sensations: The time has come for a new season of American Idol, and it is easier than ever to submit your initial audition. No driving off to some far away place waiting for hours to audition in front of a complete stranger in a massive cattle call. That comes later after you have initially been picked.

For this coming season you have 2 ways you can audition. 1.) Reserve an audition with a producer. For more information on that click here. 2.) Pick your state (that will also be your audition day) and then reserve your time slot for your Live Virtual Audition. Some of the states are already full but as of today Minnesota and Wisconsin were still open. The audition date is Wednesday August 25. Sign up now to secure your time slot.

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American Idol Season 5 is gearing up to be quite the blockbuster with judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, plus Host Ryan Seacrest returning for another season. If it seems that their has to be way more than 5 seasons of the show you would be right, but the show went on hiatus for a while and returned on ABC network with the new crew of judges.

Although for some this may seem like a crazy pipe dream to be on the show you will never know unless you try and some past contestants that have had major commercial success did not even win. But you need to hustle auditions again are this Wednesday, so get a song together and get ready to make a good impression. How cool would that be to have someone from Minnesota or Wisconsin make it Hollywood for Season 5?

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