School Christmas Concerts
'Tis that time of year that kids of all ages don their nice clothes or school choir gown and sing their hearts out to the sounds of the season. I can't help but think to myself the scene from Charlie Brown Christmas Special every time.
The Puppy Whisperer, Can Make Them Go To Sleep [VIDEO]
Awww cute. Even If you are not a big fan of dogs, nobody can resist these cute puppies. For anybody that has had to listen to a crying puppy all night, maybe give this method a try.
I am not sure If it is the song, tone of his voice or what, but he sure does a good job lulling them to sleep. Her...
American Idol Versus The Voice
I  was a huge fan of American Idol, but I must say the shine has worn off. It is still interesting to me to watch undiscovered talent, and put my guess in as to who will win the competition, but I must say my new favorite is the show The Voice...