I have watched every season of American Idol since the year Taylor Hicks won.  Until this year. As a huge Paula Abdul fan, I was sad to see her go.  I thought the Ellen addition last year, and Kara staying around would make things watchable after Paula's departure.  Then Simon left.  Sheesh!   I felt too much of my life was devoted to making sure I watched every audition, Hollywood round, and elimination.  This year I vowed to steer clear of all things American Idol.  I've heard a few clips of the initial auditions, and they're either really good--or horrid.  I heard about Chris Medina from the Milwaukee auditions this morning, and knew I had to find the video.  I just got done watching it.  So here I sit, in my office, barely able to see through my lower lids brimming with tears...and ruining my make-up.  Watch the video.  If you're like me, Steven Tyler's hug and whisper to Chris' fiancee will have you bawling.  On the other hand, you may not cry--if you're a cold-hearted snake.

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