'Tis that time of year that kids of all ages don their nice clothes or school choir gown and sing their hearts out to the sounds of the season. I can't help but think to myself the scene from Charlie Brown Christmas Special every time.

The scene from the show that plays through my head are when Charlie Brown and the crew are on stage singing, so innocent and so cute. It does not matter how old the kids get the theme and songs are all the same.

The voices have deepened over the years, and in our house puberty is running rampant, but going to these concerts every year it gives you a small glimpse into the lives the kids partake in while at school. A typical conversation in our house is "How was school?" "Fine", "What did you do today?" "Not Much"....and so it goes.

We had 2 different concerts tonight at 2 different schools so we had to double team,  I went to one of our older kids concerts. As I waited in the lobby to go in, you could hear the buzz and giggles, and the teacher reminding the students, no cell phones. Typical teenagers, but once they got on stage they were all cool calm and professional.

The sounds of the season indeed and as a parent you cannot help but beam with pride to feel that connection to your child and to see them becoming so grown up.