Our wonderfully talented 11-year-old had the much-deserved opportunity to sing with the Lake Superior Youth Chorus Honor Choir this weekend.

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While I'm proud, this isn't totally about her, it's about the organization as a whole and what I witnessed on Saturday at Superior High School.

Full disclosure, I didn't know the Lake Superior Youth Chorus was even a thing.  Having never heard of the organization, I did a little research after hearing the amazing voices they have helped to cultivate.

The Lake Superior Youth Chorus is a nonprofit organization based out of Duluth and their goal is to help kids discover their voices.  They focus on kiddos in grades K-10, offering not only musical education, but also inclusivity, and incredible musical opportunities.

At the event, I witnessed kids of all ages with instructors of many ages too, all working together to create beautiful music.  Some of the pieces performed like "Desperata Ferro" performed by a Camerata group, could be felt in your soul.

I know there are a lot of talented singers in the Twin Ports and all over everywhere, but I didn't know I could go to a "kid's" choir concert and enjoy it so much.  The Honor Choir also was amazing and was composed of what seemed to be all ages of kids, and over 100 of them.  The voices in unison worked together perfectly.  To see that possible from such a wide ages range was incredibly impressive.

The vocal experience from the performances from the Lake Superior Youth Chorus made me change the way I feel about going to a "kid's" choir concert.  Save me a ticket for the next show!

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