Whether or not American Idol jumped the gun to plot a reboot so soon after its “Farewell Season,” the point may be moot. Reports indicate that neither NBC nor FOX were able to negotiate a deal with the studios behind Idol, likely shelving any revival for the foreseeable future.

Where previously FOX was reported to be bidding against NBC with Idol makers FremantleMedia, TMZ reports that co-owners Core Media could not come to an agreement. FremantleMedia also owns America’s Got Talent, which NBC would have rotated through the year with Idol and The Voice, and Core apparently felt Fremantle had a conflict of interest as such.

NBC had also hoped American Idol would solve its issue of airing two Voice cycles a year, as recurring judge Adam Levine wants only to participate in one. Ryan Seacrest would also likely have been asked back to host a new panel of judges, as FOX only dropped American Idol the first time over rising costs.

Either network’s American Idol reboot was eyed for summer 2018, but stay tuned to see if the standoff lasts.

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