If you're looking for a different kind of rush than, say, walking high above the earth, may we suggest this?

Get a look at this first-person view of the Sasquatch, the longest zipline in the U.S. and Canada, located in British Columbia (that's Canada, for those of you who struggle with geography).

The Sasquatch runs over one mile at 600 feet above the ground and reaches more than 90 miles per hour, which will either get your heart rate jumping or scare you into never leaving your feet off the ground ever again.

We say thrill-seekers the world over should try the zipline and then take it down a notch with this tame-by-comparison insanely long water slide.

If you're feeling like a bit of a daredevil, you can try the Sasquatch. Prices for adults begin at $119. But we don't think that covers the cost of the diapers you may need.

Here's a look at someone else giving the Sasquatch a go.

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