Most of us have heard of meals on wheels, providing food and meals for the elderly, well Ani-meals On Wheels is also delivered to homes but the food is not for human consumption. This program assures that the person in need has enough food for the month for his or her pet.

According to the Star Tribune " Every month, Ani-Meals volunteers pack 1,200 pounds of pet food and deliver it to 170 animals, mostly cats, that live with Meals on Wheels clients served by Community Emergency Service (CES) in south Minneapolis." The program is part of the effort to recognize how important these animals are to the people receiving "Meals on Wheels."

Melanie LaPointe, who is a volunteer coordinator at CES said “They may not have much family or get out much. Their cat or their dog is their family.” Some of the meals on wheel volunteers discovered that many people would give up their own limited supply of food to feed their dog or cat which is not healthy for either of them.

In 2016 the national organization offered grants to local Meals on Wheels programs to establish Ani-Meals on Wheels. In Minneapolis, CES relies on grants and individual donations of pet food, kitty litter and cash. Volunteers sort, pack and deliver the pet supplies. I personally think that this is an amazing idea and maybe more communities will jump on board and follow suit.


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