A good Samaritan found 3 cats living under a trailer and brought them to Animal Allies. Two of the cats have been adopted, but the third was pregnant.

Animal Allies has started a fundraising campaign for Comet Candy who gave birth to six adorable kittens in the shelter on April 7th. The kittens will be going to Foster Care when they get a little bit older, but Comet Candy will require some medical attention to give her time to heal. Providing veterinary care for the newborn kittens is a delicate process, and any donations will provide medical care for them until they are old enough to be spayed and neutered.  The kittens will be under medical care for the next 7+ weeks, and any money raised over $500 will go towards this furry family and any other shelter pets in need.

For more information and or to make a donation Click Here

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