The antics of Yakko, Wakko and Dot were timeless enough that an Animaniacs revival feels long-overdue. The three may just get loose from the Warner tower yet again, as reports suggest Warner Bros. animation is tooling around with a new Animaniacs, once again guided by Steven Spielberg.

IndieWire reports that a potential Animaniacs return is in early development, as orchestrated by Amblin Television and Warner Bros. The Spielberg-developed Tiny Toon Adventures successor would also once again see the revered filmmaker helping shape its direction.

No network has yet been attached to the potential revival, though the surge in Netflix popularity makes the streaming service a likely bet, especially given their predilection for revivals. The original series ran from 1993 to 1998 (first on Fox Kids, then Kids WB) for a total of ninety-nine episodes, subsequently spawning a Pinky and the Brain spinoff and Wakko’s Wish movie. It also garnered eight Daytime Emmy awards and a Peabody across its run.

One wouldn’t have to go far for Animaniacs nostalgia (the state capital song is used as a teaching tool), but how might an updated take on the series look? Watch one of those classic songs below.

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