Golfers in the Twin Ports area know how precious every day of the season can be, with only a couple months of good, reliable golf book-ended by wildly unpredictable season openings and closings each year. Some years, golfers get the opportunity to start very early or continue late into October (or even November), while other years the season can be very short.

Embracing that attitude, the first golfers of the season took advantage of Enger Golf opening their front 9 on Monday. The first rounds of the 2019 season at Enger were wet, snowy, and foggy (pictured below), but it's a sign of the heartiness and determination of Northlanders and of warmer days ahead (hopefully).

The course shared a couple photos via Facebook that offered a visual of the opening round of the season.

Enger Golf opened on April 28, only one day earlier than this year's opening date of April 29. The course is currently open for walking on the front 9 only at this time. As for Lester Park, they will open Wednesday morning (May 1) at 10 am for the season. The front 9 will be open for walking at Lester, and the course said on Facebook that there is a potential for additional parts of Enger and Lester opening yet this week, depending on conditions. The usage of carts is also possible soon, according to the post.

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