I have found out that I seem to get a lot of shade thrown my way because when I eat a steak, I like it well done, including filet mignon and honestly some people look at me like I am crazy. I have been this way my whole life and when I was younger it was a running joke to throw my steak on the grill first because I need it to resemble a hockey puck.

If I am out at a restaurant and I order a filet I ask to have it butterfly cut to ensure that it is cooked thoroughly to which I am guessing the chef is in the kitchen cussing me out. But I am also that person that puts pepper on almost all of my food before I have even tasted it which to the person that cooked the food makes them upset and they take it as an insult. I am slowly learning to try the dish first and then If I need it add pepper.

Now besides the jabs and jokes according to WEB MD well done meat may not be good for you too. A preliminary study suggests that eating meat cooked well done could actually increase your chances of having high blood pressure as well. Lead researcher Gang Liu, of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health said:

Our results imply that both reducing the amount of meat -- especially red meat -- and avoiding the use of open-flame or high-temperature cooking methods may potentially aid in [high blood pressure] prevention.

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We have all heard the cautionary tale from Dr.'s to limit the amount of red meat you consume but apparently cooking to the point of having beef well done also adds to some potential problems. The problem is cooking beef to the point of charring the meat produces chemicals that are not normally found in the body which can trigger inflammation which can contribute to high blood pressure and possibly other health problems as well.

Thankfully I do not eat steak very often, but now it really makes me think just how well done do  I need this cooked? I have eaten steak that is medium well but it is honestly really hard for me to eat it. The taste and consistency is hard to take. So, if you are someone like me that likes your steak almost like jerky you might want to think twice about how long you keep that meat on the grill.

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