Ariana Grande may be into you, but lately, she's not so into some of her fans.

Grande, whose newest album Sweetener will drop soon, has had about enough of curt fans, some of whom have continued to slam her engagement to Pete Davidson. And so, she's decided to do away with diplomacy and tell them as much.

@PopCrave caught a series of heated response Ari has issued to fans. In one case, she responded to a follower who'd accused her of cheating on ex-boyfriend Mac Miller with: "I didn't but go off. Can you like go stan someone else? Ur boring."

The "God is a woman" singer responded to another fan who vowed not to listen to Grande's new song about Davidson by observing "aww boo f------ hoo Alexa Play Pete Davidson."

And finally, when an international fan cried foul for having to work harder and pay more to be a true Arianator, Grande wrote "Not playing songs but go off...If I could be in 100 places at once I would n if u don't know that by now yikes!"

Sadly for Grande, coming to the defense of her relationship isn't anything new. In June, she bit back at one fan who took issue with her Davidson-themed song.

"hey pls stop w the hate and all the nonsense opinions n stuff," she messaged a fan who'd started a bit of trouble. "it's no fun for anybody in the fandom nor for me. i love y'all a lot... like family. and i work really hard to make u happy. please be supportive and kind to each other and about my life if that's ok. that's all i ask in return. have a good night."

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