Hurricane Irene flooded dozens of pumpkin patches this year, leading to what many say will be an unprecedented shortage — and price increase — for those wanting to carve traditional Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns.

That said, even a hurricane won’t stop the super-creative types who work their magic to create stylish artwork on pumpkins every year.

Sure, you can do the standard triangle eyes, nose, and gap-toothed grin, but doing something a little more eye-catching is always bound to create conversation — and make admirers of the little ghosts and goblins who will darken your doorstep on October 31.

Here’s a look at a few awesome Jack O’ Lanterns created by some amazingly creative knife-wielders.

(If you’d like to make an unusual jack o’ lantern yourself this year, check out ZombiePumpkins for some nifty templates to help you achieve Halloween greatness.)

  • Plutor, Flickr

    Jack O’ Lanterns in Hell

    This talented artist has created the illusion that three tiny pumpkins are stuck in the underworld. That Pumpkin Devil is such a smug jerk.

  • neeta_lind, Flickr

    When Pumpkins Overindulge

    While some might think this vomiting pumpkin is gross, we view it as a pretty accurate recreation of what happens to us after our fifth pumpkin ale.

  • lalouque, Flickr

    Zombie Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty, the Sanrio cartoon cat beloved worldwide by young and old, gets a creepy makeover as a member of the undead. This pumpkin taps into two of our greatest fears: zombies and cats who wear people clothes.

  • betsyweber, Flickr

    Shaun of the Dead

    Speaking of zombies, the title character from the cult-classic “zom com” ‘Shaun of the Dead’ gets immortalized in orange and black here. Somebody should do ‘Hot Fuzz’ next!

  • bear_in_va, Flickr

    Tiger Woods

    Sporting his ubiquitous Nike cap, the candlelit Tiger Woods is depicted doing something his ex-wife probably once hoped for — burning from the inside out.

  • bear_in_va, Flickr

    The Grim Reaper

    What would Halloween be without a visit from the Grim Reaper? No, not Larry King. The actual Angel of Death on this pumpkin.

  • bear_in_va, Flickr

    Humphrey Bogart

    Of all the pumpkin patches in all the world, Pumpkin Bogart had to show up in mine.

  • realestatezebra, Flickr

    The Fail Whale

    Twitter users will no doubt recognize the Fail Whale carved into this pumpkin. While it may seem cute, encountering a Fail Whale means you have to wait a whole 30 seconds before Tweeting about what you had for lunch today. Eek!

  • bear_in_va, Flickr

    Ed McMahon

    Wanna pull a fun Halloween prank? Leave Pumpkin Ed McMahon on your neighbor’s doorstep and run away. Then when they open the door to Ed’s smiling face, they’ll think the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol has arrived to give them a million bucks. That’s when you pop out laughing. Instant Halloween fun!

  • bear_in_va, Flickr


    The iconic movie monster is recreated in pumpkin form, with nary a bolt in sight. “It’s alive! It’s alive!” Well, at least until early November. Then it gets a little rotten.