The 2022 turnover continues at KBJR-TV in Duluth. In March, the station bid farewell to evening anchor Bonney Bowman, who shared she was leaving to pursue an "exciting opportunity in the Twin Cities".

Now, KBJR will lose another key player as Jessie Slater has announced she is leaving not only the station, but will also be taking a break from broadcasting. According to the station's website, Slater had served as both the the Assistant News Director and the anchor of the 5pm newscast. Her final broadcast is Wednesday, June 15.

Jessie Slater initially made the announcement earlier this month on her station-related Facebook page:

BIG NEWS! I’m leaving news!
It’s difficult to put into words how much working at KBJR has meant to me. I’ve learned and grown so much as a journalist and a person. I’ve enjoyed the adventures, the stories, and all the people I’ve met along the way. After more than 5 years I’m ready to hang up my microphone (for now).
Thank you for trusting me each night and accepting me into your households. I won’t be far! I am staying in the city I love and am happy to call my home, Duluth. My last day on air will be June 15th.
From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

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It will be interesting to see where what her next venture will entail, but I don't think anyone would be shocked if she were to return to broadcasting in the future. She even hinted to that possibility in her post.

On her last day, KBJR Chief Meteorologist Adam Lorch used his Facebook page to express both how much Jessie will be missed as well as how important she was to the station.

Sad day at the station today. It’s Jessie Slaters last day with us! You all know her as an anchor and reporter, but what you might not know is her leadership behind the scenes as well. She will be sorely missed around here… good luck on your future endeavors, Jessie!

The KBJR 6 official Facebook page echoed his comments by adding "what a pleasure it has been to have Jessie with us for the last 5 1/2 years. You are such a great person and you will be SO missed! Good luck in the future!"

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