This doesn't come as a huge shock, as we have been dealing with drought conditions all across Minnesota recently.

A new statistic from KBJR 6 states that the Duluth area is seeing one of the driest starts to the year ever. We are halfway through the year but they are basing the statistic on the time frame between January of any given year through the end of July.

They shared this statistic on their Facebook page Tuesday (July 13th), showing just how much rain we've received in the Duluth area and how this stacks up against other years.

As of mid-July when these facts were reported, the Duluth area has seen less than eleven inches of rain. Wow.

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Because of our rain deficit, as of mid-July, we are sitting at the second driest start to the year ever. Keep in mind, we may get rain throughout the rest of the month, which means we could drop off the list completely and make up for the rain we haven't had throughout the first part of the year.

The Duluth area would need just over an inch of rain to put it lower on the list or off the list completely. If we don't get much rain, it looks like we will be tied for the second driest start to the year - or one of the driest starts - for a long time.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, we are going to see a long string of thunderstorm chances in our region, which could bring some much-needed rain. Let's hope their forecast comes true and we get some precipitation.

As mentioned above, most of Minnesota has been under some sort of drought for awhile. At one point in late June, nearly seventy-five percent of the state was seeing drought conditions. Parts of Wisconsin are also seeing drought conditions and are in need of some major rain, as shown by the National Weather Service of Duluth.

Whether we see rain or not for the second half of the month, it looks like we could be seeing some brutally hot temperatures. A Minnesota meteorologist shared that Duluth could experience its hottest day ever by the end of the month. This forecast high would peak in the upper nineties or even break the triple-digit mark.

On top of it all, we are seeing very hazy conditions in the Twin Ports. This is because of wildfires burning in Manitoba and Ontario, making for poor air quality. Hopefully this clears up soon AND we get some rain.

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