The magician and entertainment duo known as Penn and Teller have become famous worldwide and apparently got their start back in the 1970's at The Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend on August 19 1975.

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is celebrating it's 50 year Anniversary this year in Shakopee Minnesota. This years festival features 16 stages of entertainment with over 250 artisans filling up the festival marketplace creating a truly unique shopping experience. Fun for all ages with armored jousting and a huge variety of characters roaming the grounds. When ever I think of the festival the first thing that comes to mind to me is a big guy with a bear eating a turkey leg which I feel pretty confident you wil see at least one person like that.

The duo has been going strong throughout the years with appearances on Broadway, touring, movies and a number of television appearances. According to Wikipedia their latest TV shows (2021) include:

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"Earth to Ned an American television show on Disney+ that began streaming on September 4, 2020. It stars Ned, an alien from outer space, who came to planet Earth on a mission to invade it, but upon arriving, fell in love with its pop culture and instead decided that he would rather host a late night talk show to meet and be entertained by Earth's celebrities. A total of twenty episodes have been released so far."

And Hells Kitchen the Reality Cooking show competition with Gordon Ramsey. One thing is for sure whatever their formula for success is, they should bottle it and sell it. This quirky duo  has been doing something right all these years obviously and to think it all started way back in the 1970's at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival of all places?

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