We all know that construction season is usually all summer and that the these men and women are working as hard and as fast as they can to get road work done, so we as motorists need to do our part.

This issue has become personal to me at this point. I was able to handle a good portion of 4th street in Duluth being under a number of construction projects over the last 2 years, but the one that is causing me the biggest headache right now is the corner of Mesaba Avenue and Central Entrance.

It is a huge project and please note, my gripe is not with the actual construction project or for sure the workers themselves. It is all the people driving and not paying attention that are causing a major bottleneck on Central Entrance.

If you are heading towards the corner of Central Entrance and Mesaba please note that the right lane is closed about 30 feet from the corner of Mesaba Avenue. You are still able to turn right onto Mesaba, but it is ONE LANE! So all the people in the left lane that are paying attention or know better line up nicely and then you have these people racing by you on the right that end up coming to a stop as well then try to inch there way in front of you.....hence causing this insane traffic jam! I understand ideally people are supposed to zip merge into the left lane, but that is impossible when that lane bottlenecks too!

I have chosen to avoid this area all together because it happens every day, so I have been going home a different way to avoid the nonsense. All I am asking is pay attention, if you see 100 cars in the left lane at a dead stop, do you think hmm the right lane is skipping along nicely I think I will stay right here. The answer is yes for some. So spread the word, get over in the left lane and make everybody's life easier.  Thank You :)

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