The artwork for B.o.B‘s upcoming album ‘Strange Clouds’ was unveiled today by the rapper himself. “#StrangeClouds Album Cover! Drops May 1st!!!,” he wrote on Instagram next to the image.

On the cover, B.o.B wears a blue double-breasted suit with a striped button-down shit underneath. He wears shades and has his hands cupped around his eyes, as if he’s staring intently at something important.

Behind him is a large window showing an ocean view and a sunset behind the clouds. There’s also a large cloud inside, just above B.o.B’s head. Now that is a strange cloud indeed.

Though he’s kept busy with mixtapes, ‘Strange Clouds’ is the official follow-up to 2010′s ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray.’ The rapper tells PopCrush, “I feel like the sound is a continuum from the last album, just more mature, more refined, more conversational at moments.”

The single ‘Strange Clouds,’ featuring Lil Wayne, was released last September and reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The new album also includes the singles ‘So Good‘ and ‘Play the Guitar’ featuring Andre 3000.

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