Back To School shopping is fun, scary, exciting, and that is just the parents side of things. I remember as a kid, my favorite thing was getting all my new clothes and school supplies, but from a parents perspective it can be overwhelming.

Trying to juggle all the things 3 kids need for school supplies see complete list here and then the clothes Ugh! Thankfully our kids are actually very patient and understand that we have to work within a budget, so they pick what they are going to  be getting carefully. We have been smarter this year in shopping before it is the witching hour and have to run out and get everything all at once.

Plus, here in the Northland, this past weekend we got some awesome deals with summer close outs. All the stores that teens and tweens love are pushing switching out the  merchandise and have slashed prices. I hate to shop, so am happy that we can speed up the process. You want your kids to look nice, be comfortable and feel like they fit in with their peers, but sometimes it takes a little extra effort....especially when they are in the growing like a weed faze.

Good luck to all the students this year, and to the parents who soon will put another summer behind them and now have to make sure the kids don't miss the bus!