Although I've lived in Duluth for most of my adult life and can be considered a bit of a "city girl," there are a few times a year where my "country girl" comes out.  And tonight is one of those nights!

It's Barnum's annual "Spring Fever Days" weekend!  Every small town has their own little weekend they use as an excuse to get 85% of the town's population out to celebrate what small-town life is really all about.

It's like a mini class reunion every year!

There really is something for everyone during Spring Fever Days.  A Steak-Fry, a Cribbage Tournament, parade on Main Street, the Annual Katie Poirier Memorial Run/Walk, the Classic Car Show, the Fishing Contest, Golf Tournament, and MORE!  Oh wait--how did I forget?  The Beer Garden in the Muni parking lot!  I just may have to try some karaoke tonight.

Where is Barnum, you ask?


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