With the warmer weather that we are supposed to be getting at some point here in the Northland, comes nasty ticks. And now there is a new strain of disease that comes with getting bitten by one.

According to WCCO- CBS Minnesota Researchers at Mayo Clinic have identified this new tick-borne disease that is just as serious as Lyme disease but is harder to detect. It is called  Ehrlichiosis which is spread by tiny deer ticks.

Unlike with Lyme Disease there is no rash and symptoms occur almost immediately. This particular disease affects white blood cells and may cause fever, body aches, head ache and fatigue. Only 25 cases have been reported of this in Minnesota and Wisconsin in the last two years, and your odds are very good if you remove the tick within 48 hours.

The disease can be treated with antibiotics but of course the best way is to try to avoid getting bitten in the first place. For some tips to prevent ticks getting on you Click Here

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