Talk about a Christmas Bonus, employees of Lueken Grocery Store in Bemidji MN got much more than that, as the 70 year old owner Joe Lueken has decided to retire and give his employees full ownership of the store at no cost to them.

According to Daily Mail Lueken who suffers from Parkinsons disease has said that his employees are the reason for the stores success, and wanted to do this generous gesture versus take offers of a buyout from some bigger store chains.

Mr. Lueken is a true example of someone who is truly self less and realizes the value of his employees. This is not the only example of his tremendous generosity over the years as he is very involved in the community and had set up College Scholarship programs in the past as well.

What a great example to set for  future generations to come, that in the end how you treat people is more valuable than any monetary reward,