At times being an adult is so exhausting, job, bills, laundry and grocery shopping! Ughhh I hate it, and when you have to do a big shopping... forget it.

Back in the day when I would shop for just myself it was never really a big deal, because I would just get a few things here or there, but now when you have to feed a family or just your spouse it seems absolutely overwhelming to me. So Here are the 10 reasons I get all amped up when I have to go shopping:

1.) It never fails that I can only find a parking space 10 miles away from the store.

2.) I always get the cart with the bad wheel, and usually I am to lazy to just go grab another one, so I just have to deal with the cart going off in all directions.

3.) Even when I make a list and cross stuff off, I always forget that one thing that is all the way on the other side of the store.

4.) People in general are rude and reach in front of you to get things with out saying excuse me.

5.) I hate cooking and so shopping to me is a huge waste of time, because I know I will eventually have to cook this food I am buying.

6.) All of the stuff I walk by that is amazing is not good for me, and I need to keep walking passed! :(

7.) I usually end up buying the wrong thing when just given a generic description of something to buy.

8.) I never know what is a good cut of steak, so I fall for buying the most expensive one.

9.) Groceries are so expensive that I always get a sinking feeling as I see the total get bigger and bigger.

10.) Carrying the groceries into the house, trying to dodge all our animals as I dive for the counter to set the bags down.

So here it is, in reality I probably could have come up with at least 20 things, so If you see me out at one of the grocery stores today, and I look none to you know why.