The Duluth Transit Authority started its grocery express back in September and have decided the program needs more time before a final decision is made. 

The only time I've used the DTA was when I was I a freshman in highschool, and I thought it was so cool that I didn't have to take the school bus anymore. From the beginning I thought this was a good idea because so many people use the DTA for their only mode of transportation and carrying groceries on the bus can be a pain. 

The Grocery Express runs every Tuesday and makes seven trips to and from the Super One in West Duluth to the neighborhoods of Lincoln Park and Morgan Park.  DTA officials were hoping to see ridership increase by December and have decided that the program needs a bit more time for participants to develop using the service as habit.

According to Heath Hickok (Director of Marketing for the DTA) they would like to get over 100 passengers a week and they’ve extended the date for their decision until June of 2016.  Hopefully this works out, because I still think it's a great idea.