This week my outdoor lunch adventure took me to Superior in an area I had never seen before. The Billings Park neighborhood and down to the Arrowhead Fishing Pier. We honestly stumbled upon it by following the signs for the Boat Launch and there it was!.

What an amazing view of Spirit Mountain minus the snow of course,and the mighty St. Louis River. A few fisherman were trying their luck, but fortunately for me I came prepared and did not need to try and catch fish to have an amazing lunch.

Next to the boat launch and dock is a covered picnic area with two picnic benches and plenty of free parking, just make sure you pay attention and do not park in the designated boat trailer spots.  Thankfully I noticed those right away and I think Josh was surprised that this city kid knew better than to take one of those spots.

Again a big Thank You to Whole Foods Co-op Hillside for hooking us up with a delicious lunch. Gerber Amish Whole Baked Chicken, Dotties Potato salad and grilled vegetables, plus a delicious garlic pasta salad. If you are in a hurry or have time to browse around Whole Foods Co-op has what you are looking for, 2 locations East Hillside and Denfeld.

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