Mother Nature is sure sticking it to us this year with a very cold and snowy winter to now an overnight Spring Thaw with rain. It is going to be a mess out on the streets, yards and even into peoples homes with flooding a very real possibility.

The cities of Duluth and Superior are doing all they can to prepare for the inundation of water, but if you are capable and feel comfortable doing it please take a few minutes to clear out any storm drains on your street.

We have a storm drain right across from our house and all year I clean debris out of the way so water can get down into it, and I definitely plan on clearing it out from snow and ice this afternoon when I get home. For me it is an easy thing to see since we usually park our cars by it when parking is allowed on that side of the street, but if you know where your storm drain is it would be really helpful to be proactive. In Duluth If you notice large areas of standing water on the street or notice a storm sewer is plugged and not draining please call (218) 730-4130.

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