The Annual Superior Ice Festival is set to take place in January 25th-27th of 2020, but If Mayor Jim Paine would have had his way about it, the festival would have been given less than half the amount the city council voted on.

Mayor Jim Paine proposed for the Superior Ice Festival to have a budget which was half of what they had last year, but councilors voted unanimously to fund the festival at $40,000. Mayor Paine said " He said it is all about balancing a better budget and investing in festivals he believes are growing like the tree lighting ceremony that kicks off small business Saturday."

Craig Sutherland , the Superior Council Vice President said " “It was slated to drop down to thirteen thousand and that would have been detrimental to the festival and would it have survived? This is a winter event gets everyone out of the house gets the kids away from the their TVs their iPads whatever and gets them out here to have fun."

The money for the festival will come from the hotel-motel tax budget making it the most expensive festival the city puts on all year, with the Fourth of July Fireworks Festival coming in at $30,000.


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