Superior Ice Festival

Oh, Puck!
With almost two feet of ice in place near Barker's Island in Superior, the rinks for the Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic are set up and ready for the tournament January 27-29. We decided to check the rinks out for ourselves to play a friendly shooting game of "PUCK", simi…
Ice Fest Slide Announced
Among the multitude of family activities as the 2017 Lake Superior Ice Festival is a 18-foot wide, 250-foot long slide that will be open through the weekend's schedule of events.
Join Superior's Orb Project
One of the many aspects of the 2017 Lake Superior Ice Festival in Superior is a community art project called Orb365. This collaborative display gives individuals and families in the community the opportunity to contribute to a lit ice display that will be seen by hundreds of people as part of this y…