With almost two feet of ice in place near Barker's Island in Superior, the rinks for the Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic are set up and ready for the tournament January 27-29. We decided to check the rinks out for ourselves to play a friendly shooting game of "PUCK", similar to the basketball game "HORSE". While all of us live in one of the nation's hockey hotspots, only two of us on the ice claim to be "from hockey" (Chris and Ian). See how we all did in our amateur glory in the video!

If you want to live out your own hockey fantasy in front of the crowds at the Lake Superior Ice Festival, registration is open for this year's Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic. All skill levels are welcome, so even our unskilled selves could have some fun with this tournament. Each team is guaranteed 5 games through the weekend, and all you need is 4-6 people over the age of 18 to form a team. You can find registration information for the tournament by tapping the button below.

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