With my baby girl due in the next couple of weeks, I have started to get a taste on just how much a baby costs. Diapers, wipes, thermometers, clothes, toys, toys, TOYS!

I personally haven't racked in $88 million within the last year, but Jay-Z and expecting mom-to-be Beyonce' have already spent $1 million on the baby "super star" and I'm sure they aren't going to stop anytime soon. No word yet if they have already purchased a car for their child's 16th birthday, but so far its healthy meals and daily massages for mommy.

Does Huggies make gold plated, diamond encrusted diapers?

According to sources Beyonce and Jay-Z have already spent a whopping $1 million on their unborn baby.

“Beyoncé’s waited a long time to have a baby and she’s determined to take good care of herself,” a source said. “She’s paying a dietician to organize a food plan of natural organic meals for her, she’s having daily massages and she’s spent a fortune on lotions to prevent stretchmarks and keep her feeling good.

“Beyoncé’s been told to look after herself like never before and Jay-Z’s making sure she has everything she needs.”