Bill Nye's made a business out of explaining seemingly inexplicable phenomena through the laws of science, but his most recent distinction surely left even him a little mystified.

In July, two documentary filmmakers (and avowed Nye-fanatics) set up a Kickstarter account that aimed to help them get The Bill Nye Film, which explores the Science Guy's life and work, off the ground. David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg hoped they'd reach their $650,000 goal by August 13, but as of this morning (August 12), they've already bested the number by more than $100,000. What's more, Nerdist reports that the film is now officially the most supported documentary in Kickstarter's history. For the Love of Spock, a film about the life of Leonard Nimoy, will now have to settle for second place.

The Bill Nye Film, which is offering everything from Pluto cork coasters to custom coffee mugs for backers, will follow Bill through his many worldly adventures, and is currently set for a 2017 release date.

"With Bill on board, we’re ready to start following Bill as he tours the globe, advocates for space policy in Washington DC, launches a satellite, hangs out with Neil deGrasse Tyson, debates climate change deniers, and attempts to fill the big shoes of his former mentor and friend Carl Sagan -- all at a time when science is under attack," the site promises.

Alvarado and Sussberg say funding will help them with required airfare, stay in "cheap hotels" and licensing for Bill's existing television clips. An an editor, sound designer, animator, composer and colorist also need to be hired.

Academy Award-winning producer Seth Gordon is among The Bill Nye Film's producers.

Surprised Bill Nye was able to draw such attention? Tell us if you'll be interested to see the finished product, and check out a sneak peek below!

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