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Brother Nature Was the "Aggressor" in Viral Fight

Over the weekend, social media personality and animal whisperer Kelvin "Brother Nature" Pena was caught on camera getting "jumped" in a pizza shop. However, new surveillance footage shared by the Miami establishment shows that the 21-year-old instigated the fight. When Pena first addressed the situation on Twitter, he claimed that he was the victim.

A new video released by the restaurant, as well as witnesses testimony, make it clear that Pena was actually the one who initiated the fight. The restaurant reported that Pena instigated the fight after he saw that the other patron was videotaping him arguing with restaurant personnel for not allowing him to eat at a table because the eatery was closing in 15 minutes. After the patron refused to give Pena his phone, the fight broke out. (via Popcrush)

 Nine out of 10 Americans Don't Trust Other Drivers

Winter is right around the corner, which means people are all of the sudden going to forget how to drive. According to a new study, nine out of 10 drivers don't trust other drivers to drive safely during the winter.  Also, 23 percent of people avoid riding with a friend or family member during the winter because they don’t trust their driving. And we have every right to feel this way because 35 percent of people are unaware they should avoid stopping on hills when roads are icy. In addition, 30 percent don’t know cruise control should be avoided on slippery roads and 24 percent don't know that it's super important to accelerate and decelerate more slowly in the presence of snow or ice. (via Fox News)

Banana Duct Taped to a Wall is ART?!

Move over Mona Lisa! There's a new masterpiece in town. An art gallery in Miami bought a piece from a French art collector for $120k, and the art was literally an aging banana taped to a wall. People had been coming from all over just to take pictures of this banana. That is until the other day when a performance artist name David Datuna boldly went to the gallery, ripped the banana off the wall peeled it and ate it in front of everyone. The horror!!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' Wedding Pictures BANNED from Pinterest

You might not have noticed, but Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' wedding pictures have been banned from Knot Worldwide and Pinterest. The couple tied the knot in 2012 at a venue where The Notebook was filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. Cute right? Until you find out that the wedding took place at the Boone Hall Plantation; a place where years ago African Americans were forced into slavery. A civil rights advocacy group called Color of Change wrote heartfelt letters to The Knot Worldwide and Pinterest explaining why glamorizing plantations sites is insulting to black people. As a result, the two companies decided that it would be best to pull plantation weddings down from their sites all together. (via Cosmo)

Russians BANNED from 2020 Olympics

Russia has been banned from the 2020 Olympics and the World Cup because of cheating. The World Anti Doping Agency just voted to slap Russia with a four-year ban from all major international sporting events because Russian authorities tampered with a laboratory database in an effort to cover up hundreds of potential doping cases involving Russian athletes. Plus, this isn't the first time Russia has been accused of cheating or the first time they've been banned. They also couldn't participate in the 2018 Winter Games because of a doping scandal. (via TMZ)

Tasteless or Body Positivity?

Lizzo was trending all day yesterday for all the wrong reasons. She made an appearance at a Lakers game on Sunday and was sitting court side in an outfit that definitely turned some heads. Lizzo wore a black “Notorious B.I.G.” (or was it “L.I.Z.”?) T-shirt dress to LA’s Staples Center, with strategic cutouts exposing her, uh, cheeks, covered in only a thong and fishnet stockings. When her song "Juice" came over the loudspeaker, she stood up and started twerking on the Jumbotron.

As expected the internet had a field day with his one. Some people loving her display of self love, others slamming her for being disrespectful and classless. (via Complex)


Juice Wrld Took Pills Before Overdose

Rest in peace Juice Wrld. The 21-year-old rapper died after suffering a seizure at the Chicago airport on Sunday. Juice Wrld's team told authorities that he had a drug problem. Before he had the seizure he had taken several pills on the plane, according to the report. The FBI also  found a bottle of codeine cough syrup and 70 pounds of marijuana. (via PopCrush)

Miley Cyrus' New Tattoo

Miley Cyrus just got the word "Freedom" tattooed on her hand. Is this subliminal shade toward her ex husband Liam Hensworth?

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