This is such sad news. A popular bar and live music venue in downtown Duluth will be closing.

There has been quite a bit of news coming out of downtown Duluth and surrounding areas lately. For example, a shoreline hotel in Canal Park just rebranded! They made the switch recently and now have a name and look to reflect Duluth.

In downtown Duluth, a new restaurant was the victim of a theft. They shared a photo of the alleged thief on their social media page in late April, stating that someone took some items from the restaurant, including a phone.

In happier news, a new storefront of sorts opened in downtown Duluth, not far from the venue that is calling it quits. The store is called In Cahoots and it is a space for multiple businesses to use together for a short or extended period of time.

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Sadly, down the block, Blush is closing. Blush is a popular bar, music venue and art gallery. The venue has drinks, music, art and dancing, according to their Facebook page. The spot is located along 1st Avenue West in Duluth.

They have long been a favorite for local bands, giving them a spot to play their music. They announced news of the closing just a few days ago, sharing the announcement on their social media pages.

Of the closure, owners of the space shared that it was not the pandemic that has now caused them to shut down but instead an issue with the building they are located in. They shared that the building was bought out in 2021 by a local non-profit organization.

They go on to share that the non-profit organization, of which they do not name, has grown considerably and they now need the spot that Blush is located in. They were told they could not renew their lease due to the organization needing the space, adding that the organization does great work and there are no hard feelings.

If you're wondering if the spot will be relocating, they shared in their announcement that they looked into it but it just wasn't feasible. Like so many other businesses in the Northland and beyond, the venue was forced to close during the pandemic and dealt with other COVID-related issues once they did reopen once again.

Fans of the spot flooded the comments on both Instagram and Facebook. There is absolutely no doubt the spot will be missed. While they didn't give an exact closing date, they shared they will be closing sometime at the end of the month.

Blush opened about five years ago. It is really sad to see them go! If you're a big fan, make sure you go stop by one last time before they close their doors for good.

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