Do you think Halloween is cancelled? Think again!

So many things have been up in the air since the pandemic began earlier this year. Massive events have been cancelled and many are looking to the rest of 2020 to see what will happen. Halloween isn't an entirely lost cause.

Safe Smart Living released a list of tips and tricks we can use to try to move forward with the most important part of Halloween: trick-or-treating. (It should be noted that these tips are not from the CDC or WHO but rather just a few ideas ahead of the festivities.)

Here are a few of the tips given:

  • Wear a mask / face covering. You can even incorporate this into your costume!
  • Social distance / remain six feet away from others, including the person handing out candy.
  • Go out with your family in a small group.
  • Put candy on one end of a long table about six feet long. That way you can still interact with trick-or-treaters but maintain a safe distance.
  • Incorporate a face shield into your costume on top of your mask.
  • Leave candy in a bowl on the doorstep.
  • Only hand out individually wrapped candy or consider making mini candy bags and only placing a few outside your door at one time.
  • Put hand sanitizer next to the candy bowl.

As mentioned, these are just a few ideas and tips by Safe Smart Living. However, there are some pretty good ones and it gives me hope that Halloween can go on as (somewhat) normal this year!

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