Slip your Zubaz on, your neon green sun glasses and set your Swatch watch for a great night of 80's delights with Culture Club and the B-52's performing live at the Minnesota State Fair.

The show is scheduled for September 3rd which is Labor Day tickets go on sale this Friday March 23rd at 10:00 am on eTIX. Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins will also be performing that night as well.

Even if you were not even born in the 1980's the B-52's and Culture Club both have with stood the test of time. I personally tend to like the older B-52 songs when they were really weird with songs like "Rock Lobster" and "Your own Private Idaho." But most people know them from their hit song "Love Shack"

As far as Culture Club goes I loved Boy George the minute I saw him on MTV,  yes back in the day when they actually played music videos. He was and still is so progressive and the songs are pure pop joy. For more information on the Grandstand Performances Click Here


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